New Equipment


There’s an inseparable association between SAME and the world of farming, which the company has helped to modernise with its tractors and an endless series of technical innovations. Each model is modern, efficient, rugged and well-built, safe and reliable, a faithful and tireless partner.

SAME has gained the trust of entire generations of farmers all over the world, becoming a point of reference for the hallmark values of solidity and practicality that it has always represented and that it continues to express to this day.


The Explorer, one of the most popular SAME tractors with over 130,000 machines sold since 1983, now has features and breadth of range making it the ideal companion for every farmer looking for a versatile, comfortable and reliable tractor.

Indeed, the new Explorer is available in three different versions: from the more structured models, authentic successors of the Explorer3, to the lighter, more compact models. 11 models with 6 engines that offer maximum safety, quality, performance and lower cost of ownership. Each of these is also equipped with mechanic transmission or Powershift to adapt to different working conditions.


What we harvest tomorrow depends on how we farm today. Virtus knows this. 

Combining state of the art technology with proven reliability, Virtus tractors are a major asset for all farmers. 
Farms, agricultural contractors and livestock breeders each have their own individual requirements. Virtus aims to meet all of these needs, with high performance engines, energy-saving hydraulics, comfortable cabs and a wide choice of accessories and versatile configurations. 
Virtus tractors cut costs, maximise efficiency and are easy to operate.