New Equipment


As an international family business in the agricultural sector, we spend every day making farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. These solutions range all the way from forage harvesting on the field to milk in the tank. We provide advice on how to organise a dairy farm smartly with the use of management systems. Our vision and the needs and demands of our clients are the things that drive and inspire us.


The best harvest is obtained by mowing at the right time. This is how you determine the energy, nutrients and structure of the crops based on your animals’ feed requirements. The capacity of the mower determines the quantity of feed that you can harvest at any given time.

Our mowers have the lowest possible power requirements. In combination with optimal ground-contour following, they deliver the highest capacity, with or without a conditioner.  The unique clip system means that you can replace the knives quickly and easily. The sharp knives cut the crops cleanly, encouraging further growth.


Obtain the perfect dry-matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process. By doing so, you influence the consistency and the quality of your silage. High capacity tedders give you the chance to react quickly to the drying process of your crops.

Lely Lotus tedders are fitted with unique Lely hook tines. These hook tines have the capacity to gather large quantities of grass and spread them correctly. This increases capacity by around 50% compared to tedders with straight tines. The overall design of the tedders is aimed at converting the hook tine’s capacity into speed.


Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath. Neat crops minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed and ash in the cows’ rumen. A consistent swath with the right shape and width results in high pick-up capacity, good output and a precise cutting action. This creates the optimal conditions for balers, loader wagons and forage harvesters.

Lely Hibiscus rakes are designed with quality feed as their focal point. The combination of ground-contour following, stability and the shape of the tines ensures neat crops. The working width of the rake can easily be configured to ensure ideal swaths ready to be loaded. This saves time and money in the following steps.


Short crop length makes for perfectly compact silage that can be processed easily. Chopping is the most precise way to achieve this. By reducing the crop volume and being able to separate the transport, great quantities of crops can be harvested in less time by more than one person.

Lely Storm forage harvesters can be used for several types of crop, thanks to the range of intake systems. With its unique fly-wheel system, the Lely Storm achieves great capacity and continues to maintain its rotational speed, even at its peak load. The knives can easily be sharpened with the fully integrated sharpening system. The knives stay sharp enough to cut the crops perfectly, saving you fuel.


Harvest a large quantity of crops from the land and cut and transport them in one go with just one person. Retaining nutrients with no unnecessary damage to crops. A good chop length leads to better compacting of crops and simplifies ensilage.

Lely Tigo loader wagons are designed for the best possible treatment of crops. This is why the rotors have the widest possible rotor tines, to press the crops easily while maintaining their structure. There are also models with steered intake or a swing arm for the most crop-friendly intake.


Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. High-density bales contain more crops, thereby saving you work, material costs and storage space.

Lely Welger balers offer the best compacting and also the highest pick-up capacity. Through the complete intake system, with its unique hydroflex control system, the driver can comfortably bale the maximum quantities of crops.