New Equipment


Peeters Landbouwmachines is producing thousands of machines each year on a total area of 70.000 m2, that are being exported to over 40 countries. In Achtmaal we have 20.000 m2 of covered floor and in our factories in Etten-Leur 35.000 m2 of covered floor. Next to the Dutch establishments there are also 50 employees working in different production groups in France, Germany and Italy. The factories and offices of Peeters Landbouwmachines guarantee a well motivated team consisting of 125 employees who are ready to produce machines at your demand.

A team of highly trained developers are continuously busy with renewing and developing new machines. With the use of a wide range of machines we are producing the parts for your machines. Each day and night steel plates are cut by laser and 3D plasma cutting machines with a total capacity

of 300 m2. New is the tube laser cutting machine. Parts are manufactured by a diversity of CNC machines under which 10 welding robots.
Recently Peeters Landbouwmachines invested in a professional powder coat line, provided with a sandblasting cabin and oven with a total length
of 30 metres. We can also apply shoop metal spray on our machines.

With a record number of 500 unique machines Peeters Landbouwmachines has reached a land-mark. This could all be realized thanks to your faith in our product and we hope we can expand our activities in the near future together with you.