Series 6 TTV

Made in Germany, the new Series 6 TTV stands out for its superior reliability and comfort as well as for even lower fuel and operating costs. This is due in part to the engine oil change interval, now set at an incredible 1000 hours, and in part to the transmission and hydraulic change intervals, now set at an amazing 2000 hours. The family’s four models – the 6190 TTV, 6210 TTV, 6230 TTV and 6230 TTV HD – are equipped with the tried-and-true Deutz TCD 6.1 Stage V engine with maximum power and torque of up to 230 HP and 970 Nm respectively. All models rely on the brand new TTV transmission, with unprecedented smoothness and ride comfort and significantly improved efficiency. For the first time, 6 Series models above 200 HP can be driven at 60 kph.

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